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First post.....

Hello! It's slightly nerve wracking putting your first post out there, like sending your first child off to school on their first day I've got all the nervousness about how this site will get on, will it make friends etc but it's now or never and I've been promising myself I'll do this for a long time and that time is now here! So the pencils are sharpened and 'Still 35 Inside' is launching into the big wide world!

I've set up this site for all those of us out there who may be going through some midlife changes and challenges but deep down, we are still young at heart, not willing to step out of the spotlight and believe that we have so much more to give. With the right attitude, nutrition, lifestyle and sense of humour, I truly believe you can live your best life and I hope that this site will be somewhere for you to get all you need to have the energy, motivation and inspiration to show up and show the world that you mean business! I am a qualified Health Coach, Nutritionist, Eating Pyschology Coach and NLP practitioner and I hope that all my learning will help you.

Please stay tuned and right now forgive the slightly boring me, this site is under development so changes will occur!

Tracy x

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