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About me

Where do I begin...I will try to be concise (not something I'm good at but I will give it a go).

I am, like I'm sure many of you are too, wondering how I managed to be in my 50's....where did that time go?  In my head, I'm still crimping my hair and plastering on blue eyeshadow with the sound of Duran Duran blaring out from the radio and yet here `I am, 53 years of age, married with 2 grown up sons and wondering if I can still get away with blue eyeshadow (I think the answer there is probably a very firm no!).

I set up this blog after losing weight during the first covid-nightmare lockdown.  Something I thought I couldn't achieve as I'd tried it all, low this, high that, low something else, keto, 'clean', etc etc etc...the list goes on.  I put it all down to being of a certain age and then with the help and understanding of a brilliant personal trainer, I discovered that I was quite simply eating too much...even too much healthy stuff meant that I was gaining weight.  So here I am, sharing what worked for me and I will be entirely honest, I am no angel - yes I firmly believe the right diet will change your life for the better but I also love a good g&t, chocolate and a bowl of chips because what would life be without enjoying the things you love! 

I've always had an interest in health and wellbeing and in recent years, I've studied aspects of Nutritional Therapy, qualified as an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach, an Eating Psychology Coach and I'm currently working on a Nutrition in Culinary Practice Diploma.  All of this has lead me to a point where I believe everything I've learnt can help support you to be the very best you can be at a time that quite frankly throws a load of challenges at our feet and society often overlooks us (wrongly) and without the right diet and lifestyle, you may not have the energy to show them who you really are.

This site and my instagram profile is about giving you recipes, hacks, lifestyle choices and other good stuff to allow the very best of you to come forward and show the world how great a women of our age can be! 

Come and join me; message me on instagram if you want to get in touch. @still_35_inside

Tracy x

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