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Sunshine on a stick!

Mango just seems to embody the idea of being somewhere tropical...the sort of place where palm trees are everywhere and the sea and sky meet in what seems to be an endless vision of blue. Sadly, I'm nowhere near the tropics and currently looking at a line of washing drying in my garden but I can dream!

I have made these for when the need for a mini-magnum arises (which can be often in this weather). They are easy to make, free from refined sugar and have a lovely amount of vitamin C from the mango.

The inner child in me loves a lolly but you can make this as an ice-cream and if you use frozen mango it's ready to eat once blended.

You will need:

250g fresh or frozen mango

zest and juice of 1 lime

2 tbsp coconut yogurt (or use Greek Yogurt if you're not a fan of coconut)

75g chocolate with a minimum 70% cocoa solids

Blend everything together except the chocolate; pour into moulds and freeze until firm.

When frozen, melt the chocolate in a mug or glass and dip each into the chocolate and place on a lined baking tray and return to the freezer. Check out my instagram reel to see how this is done @still_35_inside

If you're making this as an ice-cream then serve with the chocolate either melted as a sauce or grated over with a few chopped nuts as a garnish.


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